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Front-end Lead Developers

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Job Description

Lead Developer/Engineer

We are looking for a software engineer with an interest in contributing to applications with ambitious architectures based upon Google’s Polymer library. We are in the process of establishing best practices for web component-based solutions and need a lead developer who can help with this effort, as well as transfer that knowledge to a small team of developers. The lead developer should eventually reach a level of expertise which allows them to architect client-specific Polymer solutions and train their team to do likewise. The lead developer will be responsible for their team’s code quality and will work in a hands-on role with their developers and maintain a high level of collaboration through code reviews, showcases, one-on-one meetings and pair programming.


Currently, the constantly evolving development environment consists of the following:

Front-end: Polymer, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node, Angular

Back-end: Java Linux/UNIX; Tomcat/Apache/JBoss; SOA and MVC architectures; JSON; J2EE technologies; Java frameworks: Spring, Struts, Hibernate, Apache (Axis, Xerces, etc.), or JDOM; Java application servers (e.g., JBoss, Apache, WebLogic, or WebSphere)



  • Provide code development and developer testing for mobile responsive web sites
  • Provide hands-on, problem solving for client project teams
  • Interact with project team members during software development to maintain usability, site functionality, and implementation of best practices
  • Lead a small team (2-4 UI developers) utilizing agile techniques
  • Mentors and coaches lower level developers
  • Contribute to architectural decisions
  • Promote a healthy dev/organizational culture
  • Display passion for continual learning
  • Demonstrate emotional maturity/intelligence


Skill Set

Required Software / Technical Skills:

  • Expert in HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Demonstrated ability with one (or more) major Javascript frameworks
  • Familiarity with web components and relevant design patterns
  • Familiarity with Google’s Material Design
  • Familiarity with different application build and dependency management systems (Polymer CLI, Grunt/Gulp, Bower, Yarn, NPM)
  • Familiarity with different software testing practices (unit tests, functional tests, automated browser testing, regression testing)
  • Jira/Atlassian product family, or like products for managing user features and stories, scope management, project management
  • Experience using versioning software/repositories, preferably Git



  • 7+ years of increasing responsibilities supporting technology related projects
  • BS degree in Computer Science, Business Administration, or related discipline with an information technology focus or equivalent experience
  • 5+ years of demonstrable experience in participating on complex technology projects and teams